Did you resolve to be healthier in 2024? We did too! Health and wellness have always been at the forefront of our personal lives: we try to make balanced choices every day. Did you know that our lead designer and co-founder, Bianca, is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor? Simultaneously running a household and a business is challenging, yet Bianca commits to improving the lives around her by focusing on wellness as a core value. This year we have committed to turning our personal passions into a tenet of our professional products. Urban Perch is your wellness builder. What does this mean? In addition to customizing wellness options for clients such as saunas, home gyms, whole-home aromatherapy, and cold plunge tubs, we offer standard healthier features in all of our new perches:

  • advanced air filtration
  • water purification systems
  • ambient lighting
  • acoustic comfort measures

Our mission is bold and our philosophy aligns with what we believe: Building healthier spaces by design, Urban Perch crafts elegant, efficient homes that inspire holistic living.
This isn’t just a New Year’s Resolution. It’s the right thing to do for our clients, their families, and the future.