Custom Homes

Don’t see the perch you envision in our Perchfolio? We can design a custom home that is not only a perfect fit for you, but a perfect fit for the land we have to work with. We’ve had years of experience measuring every inch of a space to optimize its potential, creating designs that are as appealing as they are practical. We see things that help create perfect living spaces for you, whether that’s realizing the perfect spot for your outside BBQ or placing a kitchen island just right.

But we do this by learning what’s most important to YOU. Through many diligent meetings and a lifestyle questionnaire, we determine what features would be best for your lot, for your home, and for your family. We’ll have your best interest in mind every step of the way, so contact us and let’s start designing your dream home today. Because even if the designs we have in our Perchfolio aren’t exactly what you want, share your story with us, what goals you have, what lot you have, and we can create the perfect home for you.